What to Look for When Buying a Latex Mattress

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What to Look for When Buying a Latex Mattress

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Are you thinking of replacing your old, worn mattress? Consider getting a Latex mattress if you want the best comfort and support for your bed. The mattress contours to your body’s curves and then it bounces back to its original form quickly after the weight is off it. The material also supports your body and relieves pressure points. You can get high-quality but affordable Latex mattresses when you shop for discount mattresses in your area.

While it’s true that Latex mattresses are more expensive compared to other foam types, you will discover that the benefits that come with it are worth the extra money that you’re going to pay for it. Latex mattresses are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, which makes them perfect for those with allergies. Its breathable material allows you a cooler sleep and it’s also highly durable – you can use your Latex mattress for 10 years or more.

Here are the things to consider when finding the perfect Latex mattress for your bed:

1. Dunlop VS Talalay

Latex is processed in two ways: the Dunlop method and the Talalay method. The Dunlop method is the original method of creating Latex and produces a firmer mattress that is dense and durable. It’s less consistent, which makes it less expensive. On the other hand, the Talalay method produces foam with a more contouring feel, which makes it ideal for those who want to decrease the motion transfer between their sleeping partners. It can be used with a Dunlop-processed mattress for a softer feel.

2. Firmness Level of Latex Mattress

Latex offers various levels of firmness just like other mattress types, but it’s advisable to try them out first in order to get the level that is the most comfortable for you. This is why it’s best to go to your Orange County mattress store in person so you can get a first-hand feel of the foam.  You have to consider your sleeping position, weight, and comfort preference when it comes to picking the right firmness level for your Latex mattress.

3. Multi-layer Or Not?

A multi-layer mattress has advantages over single-layer ones. With a multi-layer type, you can personalize your comfort by stacking different softness and firmness levels to achieve the perfect sleeping condition for your body. Usually, the softest layer is placed on the top and the farmer goes underneath to serve as a support base. But you can stack it the way you want until you find the ideal combination for you. Do keep in mind that this is just an option – a lot of people are just fine using a single-layer mattress, and you may not need a multi-layer one as well.

4. Warranty and Certifications

A high-quality mattress is an investment, so you definitely need a warranty and certification for your Latex mattress. Don’t risk a few hundred dollars just for a cheaper mattress with no warranty. You deserve to have a mattress that can last at least 10 years, which is the guarantee that comes with a proper warranty.

Invest in a Good Mattress For The Best Sleep Possible

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