4 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

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4 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

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Buying a mattress for your bed is an important investment. For starters, quality mattresses don’t exactly come cheap but for a good reason – a mattress is meant to be used for many years, and it’s designed to give you the best sleep possible. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t scout around for discount mattresses – you can get the same quality product at reasonable prices. 

It’s not just the price you should consider when buying a mattress. Size, firmness, material—these are just some factors to think about. So here are some tips to remember if you’re planning to spend money on a quality mattress. 

1. Decide How Firm You Want It

Keep in mind that one manufacturer’s scale of firmness may be different from another manufacturer’s. Some manufacturers categorize firmness simply by calling it soft, medium, or firm. Others have a numbers scale, with 3-5 for softer mattresses and 7-10 for the firmest ones. 

So in this case it’s much better to buy your Orange County mattress in person and actually try to lie down on it to test the firmness. 

2. Look at All Mattress Types

The most common mattresses are the traditional innerspring, which is the most affordable but ranks lower when it comes to durability. There’s memory foam, which is fairly expensive but worth buying for those who have aching muscles or sore joints. There are also hybrid foams, which combine the features of the two. You also have adjustable air mattresses, which allow you to customize the firmness, which makes it popular for couples because they can tailor their side of the bed to suit their preferred firmness.

3. Ask About Return Policies and Trial Periods

The mattress may have felt perfect when you tried it at the store, but you discovered that you don’t like it after all after spending weeks or months sleeping on it. Most mattress sellers give a “comfort trial” period of around 30 days, so a customer can really test the mattress. But take note though that some stores may charge a restocking fee if you do decide to return the mattress. It may be worth the expense though, which is better than getting stuck with a long-term mattress you don’t like. 

4. Consider Cooling Materials

If you’re not using air conditioning regularly, you may want to get a bed with breathable, cooling materials. Feeling sweaty and restless in bed makes for very poor sleep quality. Fortunately, most mattress manufacturers sell mattress models with this kind of material.

Don’t Compromise Your Sleep Quality, Invest Only In High-Quality Mattresses

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