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Elegant Bedroom Ideas


Whether your style is traditional or modern, find cheap furniture Orange County outlet stores with a sizable selection of beds, dressers, side tables and more to make any bedroom look good.

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The New Neutral

Choose gray. The neutral tone feels modern but can be anchored by furniture silhouettes in more traditional shapes. When you want classic lines but still long for a contemporary feel, look to the bedroom furniture basics we all know and love but in gray versus black or brown. The great thing about gray is it can take on a warm vibe when paired with Earth tones but can read cool and crisp when you opt for slate or shades of blue alongside this new neutral hue.

Texture is Where It’s At

Texture is the name of the game with the most stylish bedrooms you see in home design magazines. Even when working with conventional neutral tones like beige or chocolate, the trend is for mixed textures. This means wood, upholstered headboards, mirrored surfaces and bringing in additional texture with linens.

On this note of texture, know that tufted headboards and beds are very hot right now and have the plush feel we all crave for a bedroom. The relaxing and stylish demeanor makes it easy to shut off and check-in to your serene headspace. This textured motif of tufted headboards and beds also brings new life to neutrals like camel, ivory, black or oatmeal.

Maximize Storage Space

Gone are the days of clunky bedroom furniture. New bedroom furniture styles are more streamlined yet also have functional components. Look to headboards with recessed shelves that can store books, picture frames or stylish knick-knacks to give your space some personality.  Read more about Oorange County discounted furniture.

Rustic Styles Shapeshift With Your Decor Taste

Rustic styles are ideal for those who aren’t sure they want to commit to a certain aesthetic. Because the rustic bedroom set can accommodate different decor tastes, it’s the type of furniture that lasts years. You can choose rustic styles in black or brown wood, or in gray or white. Either way you have the ability to take these bedroom sets from classic to modern based on the bedding, lamps, and art you choose for the room. Start with a traditional look with dark plaid bedding and classic lamps with family photos in the room. Later transition to a modern feel with all-white bedding, Edison-inspired light fixtures, and black and white prints.

It’s never been easier to buy attractive bedroom furniture at a nice price. These design ideas serve as a solid starting place that can be amplified with your own personal style touches such as bold color or whimsical art prints that showcase your unique taste.  Whether it’s for a couple or a single person, these bedroom design ideas are sure to inspire in the right direction to create a comfortable space that feels just right when it’s time to zone out and have your me time.

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