Discount Furniture in Orange County: Where to Buy the Best Bed for Your Bedroom?

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Discount Furniture in Orange County: Where to Buy the Best Bed for Your Bedroom?

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One of my favorite rooms in my home is my bedroom. It is the place where I get my rest and it is my sanctuary.  That is why I make sure my bedroom is impeccably clean and comfortable.  When I was in the stages of designing my house, I put a lot of effort into decorating my bedroom not just for my luxury but for the comfort of my whole family as well.

I made sure that I and my husband had a big bed with really comfortable cushioning. Not only does it guarantee me a good night’s sleep, but it helps with my back condition. I suffered from some back pains with my previous mattress so I had to get rid of it and buy a new one. I was advised by my doctor to get a firm mattress to support my back but not too thick that it’s too high for me to get on and off in the morning.

With a few specifications, I set out to buy a new bed and a bed frame as well. I found that the cost of a new mattress was tremendously expensive.  At times, it was hard to match the type of bed frame that I wanted with the mattress types the store was offering. It took me a while to find the best bed that fit my needs and the décor of my bedroom.

I wanted a bed that was simple but elegant.  Most of the bed frames I saw on the internet or in the stores I visited were gaudy and looked horrible. Fortunately, I found a store that offered the type of bed frames I wanted with the quality mattresses to match.

I discovered online a number of stores that sell discount furniture in Orange County. I browsed their website and saw a bed frame I liked but I wasn’t too sure they had the size I needed. It had to be just high enough so that when I swing my legs my feet can touch the floor, and big enough to fit me, my husband, my kids, and 8 cats while we are all watching TV in the room.

I sent the company an email and asked if they had the specifications I needed. Luckily, they responded right away and said they had a king-sized version of the frame I wanted and some mattresses varying in thickness. They invited me to stop by their showroom so I could test the firmness of the mattress. They said it was the best way to determine if I’ll be happy with that bed.

I went to their showroom and they were happy to show me around. I saw a better version of the frame I wanted. It was perfect! They allowed me to lie on different types of mattress until I finally found one that felt like it was perfect for my back. I’m now a proud owner of a huge king-sized 8” orthopedic mattress with a modern wrought iron bed frame in black.

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