Renovating Your Home? Get the Furniture Within Budget

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Renovating Your Home? Get the Furniture Within Budget


Homeowners and even renters who are renovating should consider the theme park principle whenever they evaluate the options for furniture. The principle is a relatively simple one. In a theme park you spend most of your budget on things guests can see and interact with.

The same thing goes for furniture. If you have a choice, you spend on the couch cushions instead of the frame. You spend on the flatware instead of the dinner table, and you spend on the mattress, not the bed.

The reasons for this principle fall into three basic categories, but the justification is always the same. No amount of elaborate style is going to make up for sitting on an uncomfortable sofa. This is doubly true when entertaining.

You can’t justify making your guests sit on a distressing piece of furniture, and you also won’t be able to avoid explaining why you won’t sit on it either.  The only way to solve this problem is to make a good decision ahead of time.

Start Small

Large-scale renovation usually breaks the budget long before you can make enough progress to justify the time and cost. That’s why it is often much better to focus on the small items first and see how far you can go without making any major expenditures.

Fixtures and accessories are a good place to start. Are end tables too expensive? Replace the lamp instead.  Want to jazz up a room with purchases from a furniture store in Orange County? Try new drapes first and see if it alters the color scheme and mood.


New colors change the way you feel about a room. New textures do the same. If you’re looking for a way to give existing furniture a new lease on life while perhaps adding or replacing a couple of strategically chosen pieces, new paint on the walls is always a solid choice.

Make sure you take the time to consult with a color expert or an interior decorator ahead of time so you can get colors that will give you the widest range of options for compatible Orange County furniture and fabrics.


Windows dictate where furniture is placed in most rooms. In a bedroom, for example, the bed is almost always placed under a nearby window for ventilation purposes. If you are planning to install a new mattress as part of your renovations, re-arranging the bedroom furniture first can often make your efforts considerably more effective.  Changing the locations of furniture pieces and their alignments relative to each other can also make the room feel new and less cluttered.

Putting effort into what people can see and feel always makes your efforts seem more real and more pleasing. You always have to remember that while your vision for a newly renovated home might be ambitious, different people will like different parts of your overall design, and those parts don’t always have to be elaborate or expensive. Very often, it is the smallest and seemingly least significant upgrades that end up being the ones that are the most memorable. Check for discount furniture stores near me.

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