5 Essential Furniture Pieces for 2022

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5 Essential Furniture Pieces for 2022

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The world has been slowly returning to normal since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. However, it seems that there will be a few things from that experience that will stick around. There’s working from home and staying indoors on most weekends, to name a few.

With that lifestyle shift, many furniture stores have been trying to adapt by developing modern furniture that makes living spaces all the more enjoyable. Some of them are high-end and custom furniture, but you may also find some furniture at affordable prices as well.

Make sure you’re as comfortable as possible in 2022 by getting these five essential pieces of furniture!

Smart Furniture

Since most of our time is now spent at home, we must find new ways to keep ourselves entertained. That becomes easier to do when you have smart furniture. This type of furniture is tech-enhanced so that you can connect it to devices.

Examples are beds with built-in Bluetooth speakers or couches with auxiliary ports and electric outlets for charging. Essentially, you get full-on entertainment systems and comfy pieces of furniture rolled into one!

Sustainable Furniture

Recent events make it impossible to ignore that we’ve caused so much harm to the planet. That’s why it comes as no surprise that eco-friendly furniture has become more popular.

Rattan, an extremely durable and sustainable wood, is widely used for eco-responsible furniture. Manufacturing furniture with rattan is commonly low-tech, so the entire process causes hardly any damage to the environment. Designers also love using rattan for the unique shapes and designs that they can mold it into.

Ergonomic Work From Home Furniture

It was initially challenging to stay productive while working at home, and none of us may not have been able to do it if it weren’t for WFH-friendly furniture.

Instead of those large desks you usually find in a traditional corporate setting, ergonomic work tables in 2022 are distinctly space-saving and customizable.

Nowadays, you can get desks that can be folded up, hidden, and installed onto a wall, giving you the flexibility you wouldn’t be able to get in a typical 9-5 workplace.

Pet-Friendly Furniture

We can’t forget furniture that accommodates what kept us sane during lockdowns: our pets!

Many people have been turning their homes into full-on puppy or feline playgrounds with pet-friendly furniture, such as couches with dog houses on the side.

These are usually designed with bright colors to appeal to the pets, while the side of the couch is normally built with utmost comfort for humans in mind. That gives you more than enough time to play and bond with your pets.

Minimalist Bedroom Furniture

After so much time spent indoors, people started to reflect on what they really needed in life. Apparently, the answer was “not that much.”

While minimalist furniture has been around for a long while, it’s become trendier thanks to the “less is more” mindset that people adopted during the pandemic.

Minimalist pieces can blend in easily with any decor — traditional or modern — because of their simplicity. It lessens the second-guessing and allows you to enjoy the furniture’s functionality and effortless elegance.

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