What Type of Mattress Suits You?

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What Type of Mattress Suits You?

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Something you need to also take into account is that not every mattress is the same. Today, you have options like innerspring, memory foam, latex, gel, and even an air core style. Innerspring is also known as the box spring. Inside of the mattress are springs that provide pin points of comfort when you sleep. They can provide a comfortable night’s rest and are typically the cheapest option you’ll have for a mattress. Of course, they can also quickly become one of the most uncomfortable choices as the springs begin to break down.

Different Types of Mattresses

types of mattresses, What Type of Mattress Suits You?Memory foam is essentially a step up from this. The heat of your body allows the memory foam bed to adjust to your frame. This provides you with a customized night’s sleep. However, the memory foam does break down over time and the density of the mattress will play a role in the amount of comfort you have from the mattress you select. For this, you want to consider going with a brand that is slightly hire than the base model available.

Latex beds contain natural organic latex. These are usually hypoallergenic and better for those who have severe skin and breathing allergies. These beds are also free of the potential toxic fumes a memory foam bed may give off, while still providing a comfortable night’s sleep similar to the memory foam. However, while a memory foam bed will often feel warmed, the natural latex often feels cooler. It is important to note that if you do have an allergy to latex, this is a bed that despite stating it is hypoallergenic could still compromise the health of those who have a latex allergy.

A gel mattress is typically a latex bed with a gel layer around the exterior of it. This bed offers more flexibility for those sleeping in it, while it may also be a cooler bed to sleep in. It is very similar in nature to the memory foam bed than any of the other mattress types that are available on the market.

The other option you have is the air core mattress. These are often referred to as sleep number beds. This is essentially a mattress that has two sides that you can increase and decrease the amount of air that is found in the internal pockets. As you do this, you can make the bed softer or firmer based on your unique needs. These are often ideal in marriages where one partner needs a firmer mattress, and the other needs a soft mattress as you’ll only need to buy a single bed.

Take the time to sit down and consider what options you have

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