Buying Tips to Find High Quality Orange County Mattress

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Buying Tips to Find High Quality Orange County Mattress

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Your bed has the ability to affect your entire life. So you’ll want a mattress that offers a restful, comfortable night sleep. This bed should feel like you’ve been wrapped in the soft clouds, while providing you enough support to protect your back. When you have this, you’ll notice you sleep better at night and  your general health improves at the same time. This is why it is vital to purchase a bed that gives you the ultimate sleeping experience possible. Of course, you can also accessorize your living room and your bedroom to tie in the style and design of the bed that you choose. That means you have a space that will fit your lifestyle, without having to worry about breaking the budget.

You’ll notice when you invest in a high quality Orange County mattress, you can have some instant improvements in your life. Most people — who switch out an old, tired mattress that doesn’t offer support with a new one — have a reduction in stress. This is often the result of sleeping better through the night, read this article to know more on how your mattresses affect your health and sleep. Most people also find that they achieve a deeper sleep, so their REM cycle is more effective and they feel well rested. With that in mind, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Never purchase a bed based on impulse. Invest in the time researching options to find the best mattress for your unique level of needs. Too often the new bells and whistles that mattresses have when they first come out are often proven to be ineffective or expensive. The longer you wait, the more companies are able to fine tune things for you.
  • Avoid deceptive marketing practices that are designed to get you to buy a discount Orange County mattress. When a company claims to sell “organic”, “medically approved” or “orthopedic” you need to verify who did the certification. When you have the information do a quick Google search and ensure that the “independent” professionals who further provide the certification are not a direct extension of the company you are researching.
  • Don’t assume you need a firm mattress. Your body pains will tell you what type of mattress you need. For example, for lower back pain a medium mattress works well. While a firm mattress is best for those who need more support at night. Those who sleep on their sides in turn will find a soft mattress is actually a better choice for them.
  • If you are shopping for a mattress and furniture, don’t focus on pillow top mattresses. If you are a lightweight person, there is no noticeable difference between these beds and others. However, larger framed individuals will find that since they sink more, there is added comfort for them.
  • Put the bed to the test. Take the time to feel what it can offer you. This may mean you go down to an Orange County discount mattress and furniture store so that you can determine if this will meet your needs. This can give you a general idea of what you can expect from using this mattress.
  • Whenever possible, invest in a new mattress.

To help you, Slumber N’ Serenity has an incredible selection of custom mattresses and beds.  We proudly offer an incredible selection of mattresses that are designed to provide you with an restful night’s sleep. Imagine not waking up once and feel a cozy, soft, welcoming bed that provides comfort and security. Every bed we offer is designed to do just that. You will find more information here.

Orange County Mattress

“Amazing Prices and Service! Like other bargain shoppers,I pride myself in always getting the best deal. In this case; I actually shopped around and scoured the entire South land for the BEST deal on a mattress. The prices here are unbeatable. Vince was also very kind and super patient. Even though I called multiple times with multiple questions. He even followed up a couple days after the sale to see how everything worked out. Wow! I’ve been in Sales and Customer Service all my life and I have to say I am very impressed. I’m so glad we waited and found you guys! Thank again Vince and Stacy” ~John R.. from Huntington Beach, CA
- John R.

Orange County Mattress

Starting my 2017 with brand new headboard for my king size bed! One of my goal is to have a better night sleep and to have my room look more cozy and inviting! Ms. Stacy and Mr. Vince were so helpful from the very beginning. I actually reached out to them because I was looking for a very specific headboard that I cannot find at big furniture stores. Stacy went through all her resources and found a headboard that I like. And I mean it's pretty specific... My husband can get very annoyed when we shop because I am hard to satisfy. I went to the their showroom today. It was family owned and managed. Stacy and her husband Vince work together. They know their furniture well... Very trustworthy. Vince and Stacy also has big heart. They play an active role in the community as well supporting organization that are in need. Well I saw the headboard. And I bought it! Their shop is not extravagant, but it is warm and welcoming especially their customer service. The quality is great and competitive. They offer you water and coffee. It's like a home living room that comes with hospitality. They listen. They deliver. And you know they care. So my shopping experience today felt VIP-ish. Check them out. They made me a happy customer today. You can easily even communicate with them via YELP and their response time is quick. And don't forget to Yelp "check in" when you visit their shop. They have some great deals with "check in!" Happy New Year 2017 and it's a great time for new furniture!
- Grace L.

Orange County Furniture

Vince and Stacy are 100% about customer service. I ordered a solid very large dining table from them and as I unpacked it and began to assemble it, I noticed the leaf to expand the table was actually broken/crackes. I contacted Vince and he picked up a replacement and came to my house with Stacy and not only delivered it but installed it as well! Talk about service! The energy between the two were so loving, im happy to support local shops and have recommended them already to friends looking for new furniture.
- Mike K.

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