4 Differences Between Plush and Pillow-Top Mattresses

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4 Differences Between Plush and Pillow-Top Mattresses

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Plush and pillow-top Orange County mattresses are two of the most popular types of cushions on the market today. Both are considered high-end options, but they have some key differences that make it difficult to choose between them.

If you’re looking for new mattresses and don’t know which option is right for you, we’ll look at both plush and pillow-top, so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

What is a Plush Mattress?

The Plush mattress is a new kind of mattress that offers a unique combination of comfort, support, and affordability. It consists of layers of foam, and the foam fills the entire mattress.

The foam used in plush mattresses can consist of several different materials. They can consist of latex, memory foam, or polyurethane foam supported by a spring coil system.

This foam allows the mattress to be soft and comfortable while providing support throughout the night. Plush mattresses are on the firmer end of the firmness spectrum and tend to be best for people who sleep on their backs.

What is a Pillow-Top Mattress?

A pillow-top mattress is a mattress that has a layer of extra padding on top of the standard mattress. They are commonly used when you want to add extra plushness and comfort to your bed when sleeping.

These kinds of mattresses typically have two layers, the base, and the pillow top. The base is a solid layer of foam or latex and coil springs that supports your body while you sleep, while the pillow top provides additional cushioning and softness.

Pillow-tops can be made from foam, memory foam, cotton, fiberfill, wool, or down feathers. The thickness of these layers determines how much pressure relief they provide when you sleep. Softer foam means more pressure relief, while firmer foams mean less pressure relief.

The Difference between the plush and pillow-top mattress

What’s more confusing is that there are two types of mattresses: plush and pillow-top. Each type has its own set of characteristics.

Here we’ll explain the differences between them so you can make an informed decision about which is right for you!

1. Padding and Firmness

Plush mattresses are so named because they have more padding or cushioning than other mattresses. This extra layer can consist of different materials, including polyester foam, polyurethane foam, memory foam as well as others, depending on the manufacturer’s preferences. 

Pillow-top mattresses are not topped with pillows per se but rather a layer of extra padding that sits atop the underlying support structure. The padding can be made from various materials, including latexes, polyester foam, wool, down feathers, synthetic fibers, cotton, and others.

2. Comfort Level

The plush design features a firmer base that supports the body while allowing it to sink into the top layer of foam. Furthermore, it is enveloped by an additional layer of soft padding. This creates a more supportive sleeping surface than traditional memory foam mattresses with no top layer. 

On the other hand, pillow-top mattresses have a softer feel because they feature two layers of foam, a firm base layer, and an extra soft top layer. This design allows for more relaxation than a traditional memory foam mattress because there is less resistance from the firm base layer!

3. Cost

The difference in price between plush and pillow-top mattresses is largely due to their different compositions.

Pillow-top mattresses entail multiple layers of foam, which allows them to be more flexible than traditional mattresses. This also makes them more comfortable for many people. On the other hand, plush mattresses are usually made from one layer of foam (although this can vary) with a pillow top covered in a soft fabric.

The price difference between these two types of mattresses is the materials used to make them. Pillow-top mattresses are much more expensive than plush ones because they use more material. This increases manufacturing costs and therefore, retail prices.

4. Durability

The difference between these two types of mattresses is their durability. Plush mattresses are typically more durable than pillow-top mattresses. Plush mattresses have a firmer feel, whereas pillow tops have a softer feel.

Pillowtops use multiple layers of padding to cushion the sleeper’s body. These layers are made from components such as foam, feathers, or cotton batting. The main disadvantage of these mattresses is that they tend to wear out faster than other types because they use more material.

On the other hand, plush mattresses do not use as many layers as pillow-top ones do. Instead, they have about two thick layers that make them last longer than pillow tops.

Be the Judge!

In conclusion, Slumber n Serenity would like to say that plush and pillow-top mattresses are excellent choices. They offer a great deal of comfort and support, but they differ in their firmness, feel, and density.

If you have any questions about the differences between these two types of Orange County Mattresses or about other mattress options that might best suit your needs, please feel free to contact us at 714-864-0531 at Slumber n Serenity today!

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