Bedroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid 

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Bedroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid 

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We all know that sleeping leads to a healthier and happier mind and body. More often than not, however, we tend to neglect that bedroom design and set up is extremely important for a good night’s rest.

The question is, what are the common bedroom design mistakes that make it feel like it’s very hard to sleep? Keep reading below to find out the answer to this, along with some top bedroom renovation tips.

A Slumber Sanctuary: Is It Out Of Reach?

From choosing the right latex mattress to determining the bedroom’s colors, temperature, furniture and more — all these factors make up a healthy sleeping environment and can greatly improve the quality and length of your sleep. 

What good is a bedroom if it’s a space that makes it difficult for you to unwind and fall asleep in? Generally, we spend more time on the bed than anywhere else in our homes. That’s why it will be wise to focus on meaningful adjustments that will set your bedroom up for success and make it as tranquil and as relaxing as it can possibly be.

And while you’re firming up ideas for that makeover, here are some common bedroom renovation mistakes to avoid that can turn your bedroom into an awful nightmare instead of a dreamy nighttime oasis.

7 Common Mistakes In Bedroom Renovation

  • The Wrong Mattress

People sleep roughly a third of their lives, making the mattress among the most essential accessories in your bedroom. Investing in high-quality mattresses is a sure-fire way to prevent those sleepless nights. With the wrong mattress, you’ll end up waking in a bad mood with headaches and back pain. 

Pro Tip:

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to picking the right mattress. Choose one that feels good and comfortable but still firm enough to support proper body alignment. Also, see to it that the mattress is the right fit for your bed and headboard. 

It’s best to change mattresses every six to eight years and especially when it starts to be a little lumpy and is showing signs of wear and tear.

  • The Wrong Bed Size and Headboard Height

Having a big bed is nice, but it won’t work if it makes your bedroom look and feel cramped. A bed that is too large will take up too much space and leave you with no room for moving or storage. If it’s too small, it will most likely be swallowed by the room and ruin your chances of getting a comfortable sleep.

Pro Tip:

Measure your room and choose a bed that’s appropriate in scale to the dimensions. And don’t forget the headboard. Headboards come in all shapes and sizes and the right one can help create the perfect focal point in a bedroom. 

Smaller-sized rooms with lower ceilings should have small-sized headboards with less statement and gentler curves. Vast rooms allow for oversized headboards that are dramatic and impactful.

  • Colors That Are Too Bold and Playful

It all boils down to unique preferences when it comes to your bedroom’s color schemes. But bright colors are usually harsh to the eyes and can be distracting and disruptive to your slumber. Painting your room with a vibrant red may cause you to struggle to wind down for more than a few months.

Pro Tip:

Save the bold colors and patterns for other rooms in your house. Opting for a more neutral and softer palette – light grays, darker greens, deep blues – creates a soothing environment that leads to a calm, serene mind. 

Think of cozy colors that work best for when you’re trying to relax. Be strategic with your colors and incorporate vibrant ones into your space using fun, decorative accents.

  • Lighting That’s Too Insufficient or Too Intense

Proper lighting is a must, but it’s one of those things that often gets overlooked during a bedroom renovation. Relying on too much bright light can make your bedroom feel harsh and keep you wide awake. Insufficient lighting, meanwhile, can also ruin your bedroom’s overall style and functionality.

Pro Tip

Make sure the lighting that you choose for your bedroom is layered, and has multiple options. Think about how you use your bedroom when deciding on the right light fixtures. A smaller task light is good for reading at night and ambient lighting that’s dimmer or has warm hues helps to radiate calm. 

Decorative fixtures like hanging lights, chandeliers, or recessed lights can also add style and personality while playing with the mood and tone of your interior space. 

  • Ignoring the Window

Window and window treatments are not always top of mind when considering bedroom design. Without rightly placed windows and properly installed window treatments, your room won’t be able to block out light and can throw off your sleep schedule.

Pro Tip:

Draping is a very crucial aspect of bedroom design. You may want something that covers up your windows completely to block out early morning sunlight. Make your windows dreamy by making sure your blinds and curtains contrast with the color schemes of your walls. 

The right curtains will not only boost your space’s privacy but can also be the perfect finishing touches to your cozy room. See to it that you hang them at ceiling height to add a sense of height and spaciousness. 

  • Too Much Oversized, Awkwardly Arranged Furniture

Bedside tables that are too tall or too short can make your space feel awkward. Add to that too much furniture and you’ll end up with a bedroom that’s too tight, crowded, and cluttered. At the end of a long  day, it will be very difficult for you to keep your mind off the mess and distractions. 

Pro Tip

Adhering to the ‘less is more’ mantra will do wonders for your bedroom. Personalizing your bedroom is extremely fun, but make sure that you choose bedside tables and other furniture that increase the functionality of the space. Keep it simple and be realistic about how much walkway space and storage you will need. 

  • Rugs That Don’t Fit Your Bed Space

A rug that’s too small or not aligned will make your space feel a lot less cozy. People tend to forget that framing a bed with the right size rug goes a long way towards adding warmth, texture, and color to your bedroom area.

Pro Tip

Your rug should be able to cover a lot of your floor. Generally, rugs look best under the bed and should be big enough to be visible from all sides of the bed and goes as close to the room’s perimeter as possible.

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Sleep Sanctuary

Ultimately, your bedroom should be a haven — your go-to place where your mind can focus on sleeping and relieving all the stresses of a long and hard day’s work. You do not have to choose between style and comfort. Achieve both by avoiding these mistakes and creating an ideal bedroom that best fits your lifestyle. 

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