Choosing the Right Colors for Your Bedroom

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Choosing the Right Colors for Your Bedroom

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A bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s among the most important spaces in your home and should be a cozy retreat for you to enjoy fully no matter the time of day.

And while a comfortable latex mattress and blackout curtains do wonders for your sleep, it’s the paint colors and shade choices that make a world of difference to the overall look, feel, and ambiance of bedrooms. 

The Best Bedroom Colors For Sleep

In this piece, we’ll take a look at how color schemes largely affect how calm you feel and how well you rest and sleep. We’ll also help you choose the right bedroom paint colors and combinations that will take your bedroom design to the next level while maintaining a soothing atmosphere. 

How Bedroom Colors Affect Mood, Behavior, and Sleep Patterns

As it turns out, the color you choose for your bedroom paint is not just a matter of aesthetics. These colors for bedrooms also have a profound effect on your emotional well-being — from your thoughts, perceptions, and moods to a wide range of reactions and behavior.

An individual can have an active, passive, or neutral response to behavior. It’s important to keep in mind though that perception of color is somewhat subjective. What works for one person or room may have different effects on another. Certain colors, however, have a universal appeal. Generally, the darker the hue, the more profound the effects will be.

Warm colors are on one end of the spectrum and include shades of red, orange, and yellow. These colors can evoke feelings that range from comfort, warmth, excitement, and happiness to stress, anxiety, and anger.

Experts suggest avoiding bright, invigorating wall colors for your bedroom because they can negatively impact your sleep patterns and lead to restless nights. Yellow, for example, is linked to increased metabolism and energy. Red, meanwhile, has been known to increase blood pressure, heart rate, and tension.

Cool colors, on the other hand, are ideal for having that calming effect that can get you in the mood for sleep. Cooler hues include blue, green, gray, and purple. These colors have been known to reduce stress and anxiety and help you maintain a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. 

Popular Bedroom Colors To Help You Achieve A Good Night’s Rest

Let’s dig deeper into those cooler shades and bedroom color ideas that can help you feel more peaceful and at ease and promote the tranquil mood you need for sleep. 


Blue is the ultimate go-to classic color for your bedroom walls if you’re after that serene experience. Not only can blue walls calm your busy mind and help you destress, but the hue has also been known to slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

Think very soft and neutral tones for your blue walls, like light blue, pale blue, sea blues, or blue-gray, that inspire peace and tranquility. Green or gray pairs well with blue and are often used to add depth and tonal variations that create a well-balanced, relaxing bedroom. Blue and white, meanwhile, is a pairing that works in both traditional and modern spaces. 


Nothing quite like green walls to make you feel that contentment and serenity that only nature can bring. Sage green, in particular, can be a very rejuvenating paint color when used for your accent wall. Green is very harmonious and when it’s paired with the right accents, it can leave you feeling restored and healed.

Greens with light to mid-tones are often used as the primary bedroom color, while sage green and other darker green hues are perfect as secondary or accent colors. And the greens don’t just have to be on your walls. You can also use leafy foliage and decorative potted plants to bring out your bedroom’s natural appeal. 


Purple is the color that exudes sophistication. When used in softer or more muted mid-tones or pales, this shade can produce an elegant aura that is not too overwhelming. Soft purples, particularly light lilac or lavender, are also dreamy accent wall colors that bring balance and inner peace. 

Purple pairs well with other warmer tones that can add that texture and interest to your space. The color can also go with the classic neutrals  — black, white, and gray — if you want a more luxurious atmosphere for your bed.


For some, the color gray may be dull, boring, and even outright depressing. With the right shade, however, you’ll be able to convey a feeling of ease and add that cozy vibes to any bedroom. 

Light gray, for instance, feels very warm and inviting and serves as a perfect neutral wall color that works well with any other shade or palette. Use it with other accent colors and accessories like pastel pillows and white sheets for your bed, green potted plants, photo frames, and art. Cooler-toned gray is also very versatile and plays well with a wide array of design schemes.


Never underestimate the power of earthly colors on your walls that can feel very organic and comforting. There’s a warmth to a beige or tan that can be incredibly relaxing, especially with that busy schedule. Plus, beige is a great neutral that gives you the creativity and flexibility to highlight one item or other colors and accents. 

Colors that best complement beige and soft tans include blue, sea green, white, and soft mint. Beige is also a very homey and inviting shade for a traditional guest bedroom or guest room.

Transform Your Bedroom With Paint Colors

Envisioning the feeling that you want for your room is the first step towards putting together a bedroom color scheme that works best for you. It’s good to choose a dominant paint color, a secondary color, and an accent color or pattern. Picture how it will look on your room basics, such as the walls and floors, so you can make the right choice for when you go to the store.

Going for a neutral color scheme for your wall color will give you the freedom to add subtle pops of color throughout the rest of your room. And if you already know the undertones of the shade you’re choosing, it will be easier to look for other items, accents, and bedroom decor. 

Get inspired and don’t be afraid to mix and match several motifs or patterns in the same color palette. Just see to it that you don’t go overboard and make it too difficult on the eye. You can also seek the help of a designer for more ideas and to make sure that everything complements your living space.

Excited to make the right color choices that will encourage those restful nights you’ve been craving? We hope that you got some bedroom color ideas and inspiration from this article. And that you’re feeling more color-confident to achieve your best bedroom yet. 

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