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Ideas for Teens’ Bedrooms

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Decorating a teen’s bedroom can be a tricky proposition. It’s exhausting, especially when you’re also trying to keep up with everything else in your life––plus parenting a teen. What you need is help from a trusted furniture store in Orange County.

It’s not just deciding what color to paint the walls, but the whole place needs to be functional—reflect your teen’s sense of style, and even give them some privacy.

To help you get started designing a room your teen will love, we’ve rounded up the best teen bedroom ideas you can accomplish in almost any space, no matter its shape or size.

Hobby On Display

At the end of the day, when all things are considered, a teen’s favorite hobby is more than just another interest. It’s what drives them, gives them purpose, and can influence their personality.

So if you want to build a room that truly reflects who they are as people, you need to learn to see beyond the obvious and incorporate their interests into every detail.

A Chic Grooming Space

A bedroom with a dressing area is a dream room for your teen. If you’re lucky enough to have space for one, it will help your teen keep things tidy and make getting ready in the morning easier.

The teens can also leave notes and special messages in the mirror.  It’ll be a message center as well as a place to get ready each day.

An Inviting Hangout Corner

As you consider the size, shape, and materials for your hangout corner, remember to think about your teen’s lifestyle, habits, and friends. If possible, the room should encourage your teen’s friends to keep coming back.

Designing this corner must consider a certain level of wear-and-tear; after all, it is going to be used by teens!

Elevated Style Bed Platform

Getting organized is a big part of a teen’s life, and nothing helps to make that easier than having the right kind of storage for your teen’s room. You’ll love how these platform beds build in additional storage beneath the mattress, so there are tons of drawers where they can stash everything. 

Study Table

If you’re looking for something stylish that can also help your teen learn at the same time, a simplistic loft desk is a perfect choice. When you’re young, it’s crucial to have a place where homework comes first, and creative design is second, so don’t fall into the trap of getting a desk that’s more style than substance!

Patterns that Pop

Teens crave a sense of identity, and there is nothing that says, this is me, more than a bedroom with some personality. Pattern and color can help you enjoyably convey your teen’s style.

Statement-Making Headboard

Headboards are a great way to add flair and personality to your teen’s bedroom and fit their room decor without breaking the bank. Design options can range from funky patterns to bold colors used in various sized rooms—big or small.

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