Highly Recommended Mattresses for Back and Neck Pain

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Highly Recommended Mattresses for Back and Neck Pain


Did you know? Back and neck pain can be due to your sleeping habits. However, it is important to understand the practical realities of physics before jumping to potentially incorrect medical conclusions. The human body is always subject to gravity, which means that strained joint angles and obstacles like a worn out or damaged mattress will eventually lead to aches and pains. Removing the cause of these discomforts is the remedy, despite the fact that there are always numerous ways to spend money and time treating the symptoms.

The principle in mattress design that helps limit the causes of back and neck pain is relatively simple. The practical execution of that principle, on the other hand, varies considerably from model to model. Here are some things to keep in mind.

One Size Does Not Fit All

There is no such thing as a perfect Orange County mattress for everyone. Every body is different, and the dynamics of comfortable sleep for each person not only vary from individual to individual, they also vary from night to night and from year to year. The mattress you find most comfortable and therapeutic today must eventually be replaced because over time your body and its needs also change.

Keeping this general idea in mind when shopping for a new mattress is good practice, since it will encourage you to try new models until you find the one that meets your needs today.

Two Objectives

The design of a good mattress must meet two occasionally conflicting objectives. Any mattress must do both or it isn’t going to help you avoid neck and back pain.

  1. It has to be firm enough to support your body, and in particular your lower back, neck and head. If your mattress isn’t strong enough to support your weight, there is a high likelihood your sleep posture will suffer and cause all kinds of side effects.
  2. Your mattress also has to be soft enough that it will contour to your body’s natural shape. A supporting surface cannot do its job if it never comes in contact with the weight it is meant to support. More importantly, if your body has to bend and twist in order to reach a point where your mattress is providing good support, the whole point of having that support is lost.


You’ve likely heard the advice “you get what you pay for.” This is never more true than when you are purchasing something you plan to rely on every day for years. If you’re getting enough sleep, you know you’re going to be spending at least one third of your life on your mattress. There is little justification for trying to save a few dollars on a California King latex mattress, for example, if the result is weeks and months of neck and back pain.

The conventional modern wisdom is to shop for a mattress with the highest quality materials. This includes everything used to construct the mattress including memory foam, fabric and the framework. If you can obtain the best quality materials, then chances are you’re likely to avoid chronic pain from bad sleep posture.

, Highly Recommended Mattresses for Back and Neck Pain


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