Mattress Buying Guide For 2022: How to Choose A Mattress

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Mattress Buying Guide For 2022: How to Choose A Mattress

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An Orange County mattress is a significant investment that can help get better sleep. As with any big purchase, you want to make the best decision. And so, we lay down the crucial information in this post to assist you in your mattress shopping.

Determine If You Need a New Mattress

Many people replace their mattresses every few years, which is acceptable if you can afford it. It’s not a cheap purchase, so thinking about whether you truly need one is important. 

In most cases, you’ll need to get a new mattress after six or eight years. Of course, the quality and material are important considerations, and if you have back or neck problems, it’s a good idea to evaluate the condition of your bed.

Set a Budget

Don’t always choose the cheapest choice available. Spending on a mattress may mean less durability, more chemicals, and reduced overall sleep quality. A higher price does not always imply a higher level of quality either.

Choose the Mattress Type and Material

The most common types and materials on the market are:

  • Latex mattress – known for cooling properties, reliable comfort, and good bounce
  • Innerspring mattress – an affordable option that can last for decades and helps keep the temperature down
  • Memory foam mattress – provides superior comfort and support for the body and can adjust its contour to meet the needs of any type of sleeper
  • Hybrid mattress – combines the contouring of a foam mattress and the durability of an innerspring mattress

Consider Your Sleeping Position and Preferred Mattress Firmness

Your mattress should match your choice of firmness and most frequent sleeping position.

Side Sleeper

People who sleep on their sides frequently experience pain and discomfort in their hip joints and shoulders, and it’s usually because of poor mattresses.

It’s best to choose a medium soft choice to ensure an even distribution of pressure. Look for a mattress that has a firmness rating of three to six.

Back Sleeper

Firmness and support are the most important considerations for back sleepers. The body will sink and cause back pain if the mattress is very soft. Choose one that’s soft enough to relieve pressure while still providing adequate support. A rating of five to seven is ideal.

Stomach Sleeper

It’s crucial for stomach sleepers to distribute their weight evenly throughout their entire body to remove the pressure on their torso. A soft mattress will curve the spine and cause back pain. Look for a rating of five to seven which could be medium or medium-firm.

Consider Your Weight

Support, hug, feel, sinkage, and cooling will depend on your body type and weight.

  • Less than 150 pounds – medium-firm bed with five to six firmness, three to four firmness for side sleepers
  • 150-200 pounds – five to seven firmness, three to five firmness for side sleepers
  • More than 200 pounds – twelve inches thick and firm innerspring mattress

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