How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

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How Often Should You Replace Your Mattress?

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The comfort and durability of a mattress are among the most important components in having a good night’s sleep. Therefore, it is critical to invest in one with good quality and change it according to professional recommendations from a trusted furniture store in Orange County.

But, when or how often should you change your mattress? The answer? It depends on the material.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are incredibly popular among all types of sleepers because they provide deep compression support and pinpoint pressure relief. They don’t just provide comfort, but they also offer substantial durability.

If properly cared for, foam mattresses can last up to ten years. This entails turning them 180 degrees every three to six months to avoid sleeping in the same location for too long and to ensure that the foam cells maintain their bounce.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses have an unusually long lifespan and can keep their shape for up to fifteen years. But due to their heat-retaining property, some people sleep hot on them and end up not getting good sleep.

Latex mattresses need to be rotated one to two times a year to avoid sagging and denting. The only downside is that they are saggy and can be extremely heavy, making them hard to maintain.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses with excellent coil systems and foundation foam components provide a nice level of durability. On average, they survive six to seven and a half years, although they can stay longer if properly cared for.

Innerspring Mattresses

Because an innerspring mattress relies on the coil system, its lifespan is limited to six to seven years. But it can be extended by flipping them over and rotating them 180 degrees every six to twelve months.

When there’s a lot of sagging and you can feel the coils poking through, you know your innerspring mattress has served its purpose.

Airbed Mattresses

Airbeds include adjustable air chambers that can be tuned for personal comfort manually or using a remote control. They are known for their good quality and durability, lasting for about eight years, despite being more expensive than other types of mattresses.

Though, the most significant disadvantage of these is equipment failure, which can be costly to fix.

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Basically, if your mattress isn’t helping you in getting a good night’s sleep, it’s time to change it. There’s no specific method to tell if it’s time for a new one, but if you’re thinking about it, it’s better to invest sooner rather than later. A night of good sleep promotes a healthy mind and body, after all.

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