How to Organize Your Living Room Furniture

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How to Organize Your Living Room Furniture

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Living rooms serve different functions to residents. It can be a family area, a showroom, or a safe place for kid and pet play. Whichever the case, some challenges arise when organizing a living room or bedroom, especially when finding the right furniture or discounted mattresses.

These tips should give you an idea of how you should layout your space. Take a look at these furniture placement ideas for your living room.

Find an Anchor Piece

Choose the room’s anchor piece and arrange the furniture around it. Use it as a focal point. It could be a wide window,  a fireplace, or a painting.

Set a Conversation Area

Whether you want a sofa, bean bags, or a coffee table set in the living room, make sure it allows for comfortable conversations. The placement should not strain your back or neck. It should not require yelling, even if the living room is spacious.

Consider Social Traffic Flow

People shouldn’t be stumbling or bumping into furniture to get around the living room. Ensure safe and enough distance at least two feet between furniture pieces, such as the end table and the sofa or the ottoman stool and the floor lamp.

It will make a clean path for social traffic, allowing people and pets to walk around without hurting a toe or getting bruised.

Keep Balance in Mind

Balance is crucial in interior design. It includes the layout of furniture and accent pieces in a living room. Think about the size and positioning of the items. Avoid putting all of the large pieces on one side of the room. It will make a corner look cluttered and won’t allow you to maximize the original space you have.

The same goes for shapes and colors. Do not keep the same patterns or shades together, and use different color tones and furniture shapes.

Make Tables Easy to Reach

Each seat should have easy access to the end table or center table. Avoid furniture arrangements that force you to leave the sofa or chair for your coffee mug.

Table height should also be at least the same height as or lower than the backrest of the seat.

Ensure Enough Lighting

A simple ceiling light will do, but you can also use a combination of pendant lighting, wall sconces, floor lamps, or table lamps. Pendant lighting can be a decorative alternative to the usual fluorescent or LED bulb.

Table lamps can be placed on a side or console table, while floor lamps look great next to a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa. Depending on the purpose of your living room, you can opt for white or yellow light.

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Arranging furniture and accent pieces in the living room and bedroom requires planning. Online planners are now available for tech-savvy DIY home interior designers. If those aren’t for you, visualizing will do, or better yet, talk to a professional.

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