12 Essentials for a Welcoming Guest Room

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12 Essentials for a Welcoming Guest Room

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The most important thing when planning for a guest room is to arrange the room to foster independence. If you’ve ever been a guest in another person’s home, you know how awkward it can be to disturb your host every time you need things like water or extra pillows.

Given that, the best thing you can do for your guest is to equip their room with everything they need to make their stay as smooth and close to home as possible!

From discount mattresses to items to amp up the ambiance of the room, we’ve put together this list of twelve essentials for a welcoming guest room. 


Essentials for a Welcoming Guest Room 

All of these items are available at your local Orange County furniture stores, so make sure to bring a list of the things you’ll need to make your guest room more welcoming and cozy! 


1 – Water Pitcher and Glasses

Drinking water is one of the top things your guests will need during their stay, so you should make it easy for them to access water. A pitcher in the guest room allows your guests to hydrate when they need to without having to ask for help or leave the room. 

Make sure to show your guest where they can wash and refill their pitcher so they can stay hydrated without having to bother anyone!


2 – Coordinated Bedding Set

The best way to make your discount mattress and furniture match is to coordinate the bedding set. There is no need to buy the most expensive bedding from your Orange County mattress store – unless you want to!

By coordinating the bedding, you’ll show that you put some effort into your guest’s stay with you, which will make them feel more welcome. Well-thought-out bedding can also make the room seem more inviting than mismatched sheets haphazardly thrown together.

High-quality sheets are available at affordable prices. Make sure to give them a try first so that you can make sure they are soft enough for someone to sleep on!

, 12 Essentials for a Welcoming Guest Room

3 – Bedside Lighting

When shopping for Orange County furniture for your guest room, make sure to find bedside lighting.

While lighting for any room is key to making it feel welcoming, a lamp on each bedside table allows guests to settle in for the night at their own pace. They can read or leave the light on to let you know that they’re still awake.

Make sure to choose a lamp with a few different brightness settings so that they can choose which works best for their nightly routine.


4 – A Mirror

If your guest is forced to use the bathroom mirror every time they want to check themselves out, your bathroom could get backed up and quite busy! By adding a mirror to the guest room, you can provide your guest with a way to dress and get ready without disturbing anyone else in the house. 

Opt for a full-length mirror propped against a wall or attached behind the door so that it doesn’t take up much room but will still allow your guest to see themselves before they leave the room for the day. 


5 – Additional Blankets and Pillows

The standard guest room may have one extra blanket other than the comforter or duvet and the requisite two pillows on the bed. However, your guest might need more pillows to get comfortable, especially visitors with health conditions.

Adding more blankets can also make their stay with you more pleasant, especially if your house gets rather chilly at night. 


6 – Trash Bin 

Your guests won’t want to make any mess, no matter how small, in your house. A trash bin is a small but important detail that can help them keep their room clean. Putting a bin in their room can keep their space tidy without requiring them to walk out to the common areas every time they need to dispose of something.


7 – Toiletries

Your home is not a hotel, but sample-sized toiletries are still a great way to make your guest room more welcoming!

Your visitor may have forgotten to bring a tube of toothpaste or a bottle of shaving cream. Providing them with toiletries can help them out so they don’t have to dip into your own stores. 

Stock a small basket of extra toothbrushes, shampoos and conditioners, soaps, and more on the dresser, ready for them to pick from before heading to the bathroom.


8 – Bath and Face Towels

Make sure to include a stack of bath and face towels on the bed. This will save your guests the trouble of asking where you keep your towels, or packing their own bulky towels from home in their luggage!

For each person that stays with you, make sure to include a washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel. 


9 – Coffee Pot

A great way to spruce up the guest room and add an even more welcoming touch is to add a coffee pot to the room with all of the fixings, including filters, containers of sugar and milk, and cups.

It’s possible that your guests will wake up before you and be in desperate need of caffeine. Instead of making them travel all of the way to the kitchen to make noise and search the entire house for the supplies, you can put all of the items they’ll need in their room. 


10 – An Empty Dresser 

Your guests will need somewhere to put their clothes, especially if they’re staying for more than a few days. No one likes living out of a suitcase, so don’t make your guests do it. Instead, clear out a few drawers in a dresser so that they can put their clothes in it. 

Even if your guest doesn’t use the dresser, at least they’ll have a place to put their suitcase, so it doesn’t take up space on the floor. If your current guest room doesn’t have a dresser, you can find one at your furniture store in Orange County. 


11 – Hair Dryer

If you have an extra hair dryer, you may want to consider putting it in the guest room near a mirror and outlet. Most guests won’t pack their own but may find it handy. 


12 – Wi-Fi Password

It’s hard to find anyone who isn’t plugged into the Internet for most of the day anymore. Your guest will need the Wi-Fi password or connection instructions so they can check their social media, reply to work emails, or put Netflix on before they go to bed. 

They won’t want to bother you every time they need to connect their device to the Internet, so simplify things by putting the password on an index card in the guest room.

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