Is Your Bedroom Designed for a Good Night’s Sleep?

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Is Your Bedroom Designed for a Good Night’s Sleep?

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Everyone could use a better night’s sleep, but many people don’t realize what’s keeping them from getting one. One factor could be the way your bedroom is designed. If your bedroom’s discount mattress, furniture, lighting, and other elements don’t collectively add up to a relaxing environment, you’ll have a hard time telling your brain to turn itself off at night. 

The sooner you diagnose which parts of your room aren’t conducive for rest, the sooner you can come up with a solution and get a night of better sleep. Here are some tips for designing your room to promote a better night’s sleep. 


Reduce Visual Clutter

Clutter can lead to stress and if you have a lot of it in your bedroom, you may be focusing on it more than you realize. Increased stress of any kind raises your cortisol levels, which raises alertness and makes it difficult to relax and fall asleep.

You can reduce the amount of visual clutter in your room by using closed storage. Make sure your closet door is closed, your drawers are closed, and any other types of storage are closed. If you have things sitting out on your dresser, be sure to put them away so you can have a clear space free of distractions.

You can find plenty of storage options at furniture stores in Orange County.


Get Comfortable

Your bedroom should be a haven of comfort. Make sure your blankets and pillows are soft and clean. Your Orange County mattress should be as soft or firm as you like it, and the room is the right temperature.

The bed itself should be of the right height, and sturdy. Avoid squeaky beds that make noise and keep you awake while you move around. You can find a new bed at your favorite Orange County furniture stores if you need one.


Bedtime Rituals

Some people find that they fall asleep more easily and sleep better if they have a bedtime ritual that they follow every night. This can be something such as reading before bed, drinking tea or warm milk, or even watching a movie to help you relax.

A bedside table can hold all the essentials involved in your bedtime routine within easy reach, so you can settle into bed and not have to constantly get up for the things you need.

, Is Your Bedroom Designed for a Good Night’s Sleep?

The Right Mattress

The right mattress can play a big role in how easily you fall asleep and how long you stay asleep. The correct mattress supports your body and cradles your spine so there are no pressure points and you feel more comfortable during your sleep.

Discount mattresses can be found online or in mattress stores. You can also find Orange County discount mattress and furniture stores that carry everything you need to fall asleep more easily. 



Lighting can play a big role in how you sleep. Some people like it completely dark and are easily woken up by the slightest amount of light shining in through a window or door. If this is the case for you, you may want to invest in some blackout curtains. You can also keep your door closed.

If you like a small amount of light, turn off all the main lights in your home and leave a bathroom light on at a distance or add night lights to your bedroom so you can see if you need to get up, but won’t have your sleep disturbed by too much light. 



Many people are sensitive to sound and are woken up if they hear things in the middle of the night. While it’s normal to wake up for loud sounds, if you stir at the slightest noise, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep.

You may want to turn off all the televisions, games, alarms, fans, and even cell phones in your room. This will help keep your space quieter, so you won’t be disturbed while you are sleeping and will be able to fall asleep easier.



You might not think your flooring has an effect on how while you sleep, but it can play a big role in your sleep patterns.

Carpeted floors can help reduce sound, but they can also collect dust. If you have dust allergies, this can keep you up at night. Many people have asthma or allergies and aren’t even aware of it. At night, as these things move around in the air, they inhale them and their lungs are irritated by them.

This can keep you up at night and even predispose you to sleep apnea, which can cause you to wake up several times a night as you struggle to breathe. 


Clean Air

Sometimes the air quality in a room can keep you up at night or improve the way you sleep. If your air quality is poor, your sleep is likely to be poor. If you want to improve the air quality in a room, consider getting an air purifier. This will help clean the air as it circulates through your room so you can breathe in less allergens, germs, and viruses, and sleep much better at night. 

If you are having trouble sleeping at night, there could be many things causing the problem. If you want to improve the way you sleep or increase the length of time you sleep with interruption, it could be something as simple as rearranging the design of your room.

Little things can make a big difference. You deserve a good night’s sleep and when you get it, you will feel rested and ready to take on the day. Try one or more of the above suggestions to rearrange your room and make it more comfortable so you sleep better and longer.

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