8 Decorating Tips For Dorm Rooms

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8 Decorating Tips For Dorm Rooms

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If you are getting ready to move into a dorm room or if you want to change up the look of your current dorm, you may be looking for easy and affordable decorating ideas. You can find much of what you need at an Orange County mattress store that sells bedding, décor, and furniture!

When you have a dorm, you may have to share it with another person or you may be able to have the entire room to yourself.  In most cases, colleges have rules about what can be used to decorate a dorm. You’ll want to make sure any décor you choose is appropriate and won’t cause any damage to the walls or other surfaces when it is removed. 

If you are looking for some ideas to help you decorate your dorm for college, be sure to keep some of these options in mind!

1 – Choose a Color Scheme

Perhaps the most basic step in decorating a room is picking a color scheme. And just because you can’t paint the walls in your dorm doesn’t mean you can’t bring any color to it! You can find plenty of accessories and decorations to assert your style without having to paint.

You can choose curtains, bedding, posters, wall art, rugs, and shelves that match the color scheme of your choice. You can also hang sheets or colored blankets up to your walls to make it appear as if your walls have been painted.

All these things are easy enough to remove when it’s time to go home for the summer or if you are graduating, and won’t cause any damage to the dorm property.

2 – Consider Bed Risers

Decorating is as much about storage as it is an eye for style.  Students tend to have a lot of paraphernalia cluttering their dorms, without enough space to store things. This can detract from the overall style of the room

Still, with a bit of imagination, you can make use of the existing space cleverly. Bed risers make it possible to lift your bed so you can fit more things under it. You can then add storage baskets, racks, and boxes to the space to help you keep your dorm looking neat.

3 – Get Better Bedding

Your bed is likely the focal point of your room and you will want to make sure that you’ll lay your head down in a comfortable spot every night. Given that, you should also make it a point to invest in the right mattress. A good mattress will help you sleep better at night and tie the look of the room together.

You may want to check out a latex mattress. Latex mattresses are ideal for college students because they are easy to clean, water-resistant, and can protect your bedding. Investing in a quality mattress can serve you long after you graduate!

4 – Play With Lighting

This one is variable. Some dorms have large windows that let in plenty of natural light, while others only have small windows or none at all.

Light is very important in a room. Without adequate light, it will be difficult to read, study, or dress.   

Of course, there are better ways to go about it than simply installing naked bulbs. Look into decorative lighting such as basket lights, standing lamps, and desk lamps.

You can even play around with strings of fairy lights or neon lights that can be used in the evenings to change the mood of your dorm!

5 – Throw Around Accent Pillows

One way you can easily dress up a room and add some personality and color to it is with accent pillows. One can never have too many accent pillows. You can add them to your bed, couches, chairs, and more!

As time goes by, you can get new pillow covers and use them as you choose to change the look of your décor and your home.

6 – Hang up Wall Art

Wall art is another easy way to decorate your dorm. You can make your own wall art in art classes or order your favorite prints online. You’re also free to add photos of your family members and friends so you can feel like you are close to them even though you’re away at college. This will make your dorm look personalized and make it seem more inviting and homey.

7 – Put Rugs on the Floor

Rugs can be a great addition to a dorm room. They can be a finishing touch to make the room come together. Rugs can clearly delineate areas of a room – toss one by your bed, another by your dresser, and another by your desk to create distinctions within a single space.

Functionally, they’re also comfortable during cold weather when you don’t want to walk on the floor barefoot.

They can even be a nice option for seating. If you have friends over to visit or if you like to sit on the floor, it will be much more comfortable when you have a rug on the floor and have some warmth and padding to sit on.

8 – Personalize Your Decorations

Since dorm rooms are small, you don’t want to hoard trinkets and shelf décor, because they can take up space that you need for other functional things.

Still, you can add a few knick-knacks for fun! You can add statues, small photos, baskets, and things that are special to you or remind you of home. Find a way to use these items so they aren’t’ just sitting around and collecting dust, but also serve a purpose. Even if they simply bring you joy, you can add them to your dorm.

Decorating Your Dorm Can Be Fun!

Making your space your own should be a fun experience! Dorm rooms all look the same and it may make you happier if you made the space feel more like home. 

If you live in a dorm and you are thinking about making it more inviting, you can keep some of the above tips in mind. You can follow current trends or you can do your own thing! And if you’re on a student budget, you can find everything you need at a discount mattress and furniture store. 

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