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Design Ideas to Make Your Home Look Bigger


Just because your home doesn’t have a large number of square feet doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you live in a big space. Whether you’re living in a smaller home due to budgetary reasons or chose to downsize, you’ll be happy to know it doesn’t cost a fortune to enlarge your space. Even discount furniture can be used to open a space. But before you run down to your local Orange County furniture store, here are several tips to help make your home look more prominent.


Having too much stuff in a room makes it feel cramped and small. Keeping your home organized will help make it feel larger. Consider having a single large piece of art as opposed to a group of smaller pieces. Having too much on the wall can make it hard to pay attention to a single thing and create an uneasy feeling. Try to keep the floor clear. This might mean removing large rugs, but a clean floor is always going to look more spacious.

2.Focus on the light

Allowing more natural light into a room helps it look larger. Toss those heavy draperies and keep your windows clean. You can use artificial light to help but stick with day-light temperature bulbs to mimic natural light. You should also consider adding large mirrors in specific spaces. The reflection will create an illusion of more space while also bouncing more light around your home.

3.Keep it light

Lighter colors make a room look bigger and brighter. Dark colors tend to absorb light. When painting your room, opt for soft tones of off-white, blue, and green. Paint any wall trim, baseboards, or crown molding in a lighter color than your walls. The effect will be the illusion that the walls are further back and that the room is more substantial.

4.Make arrangements

Place your larger pieces of furniture against your walls and away from blocking any openings. If you keep some furniture pieces the same color as the walls, they will almost disappear into the wall, making it seem like they aren’t there at all. When possible, arrange furniture at an angle. This will trick the eye into looking across the room at a diagonal rather than looking for the shortest wall. Just as with pieces of art, go for fewer, but larger pieces of furniture with tasteful accents.

5.Try to see through the space

When possible, use transparent materials. For example, using a clear shower enclosure in the bathroom will look much more significant than an opaque or frosted door. You might also enjoy using glass for tabletops. Switch out curtains, bed skirts, table covers, and slipcovers for sheer fabrics that allow light to pass through them. If you’d prefer a little more color, opt for simple stripes or soft floral patterns.

Ultimately, the goal to make your home look bigger means making it appear more open, naturally lit, and without clutter. The best way to proceed is to go room by room. Your priorities should be any areas where people gather: living room, kitchen, and so on. By using these simple tips, you can increase the apparent size of your home without breaking the bank.

Do you have tips for making your home look larger? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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