Money-Saving Tricks in Furniture Shopping You Should Know

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Money-Saving Tricks in Furniture Shopping You Should Know

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Maybe you just bought or moved into a new house, and you need to outfit your home complete with new stuff—or maybe you haven’t moved at all, but you’re just dying for an interior makeover. As people were forced to spend more time indoors due to the recent pandemic, a lot of homeowners had time to look for discount mattresses and other stuff to make their homes look better and more comfortable.

No matter what the reason is, there’s no reason why you should spend unnecessarily on furniture, even the high-quality ones.  Here’s how you can save money when you buy your home essentials.

1. Know Exactly What You Want And Shop Around

Just like with clothes and other personal stuff, it’s much easier to find the best deal when you know exactly what you’re looking for. The same goes for furniture. List down the features that are important to you, especially the non-negotiables. Get the price range for the specifications that you’re looking for. Afterwards, shop around and look for the best deal. If you found your item in the very first store that you looked in, don’t stop there – go to several more stores to make sure you get the best price.

2. Buy Direct From the Manufacturer

Manufacturers sell at wholesale instead of retail prices, so you will definitely save a lot if you buy direct. There are lots of furniture stores in Orange County where you can buy quality pieces at wholesale prices. Whether you shop in person or buy online and have the stuff delivered to you, you will still get substantial savings, even if you factor in the shipping costs. Look for the outlet store closest to your home, so you can save on the shipping fees.

3. Look For Overstocks

Furniture stores only sell a fraction of their products in stores – most of them are stored in warehouses. The good news is that these warehouses usually open to customers several times a year to unload their overstock, which is the perfect time for you to buy multiple items at prices you can’t beat. Overstock items may have some little defects here and there, but if minor dents and scratches don’t bother you one bit, then get a truck to the warehouse and load up on discount furniture. 

4. Timing Is Everything

Those working at the furniture stores usually work on commission, and they have sales quotas to meet every month or every quarter. If you look for furniture at the end of the month or the end of the quarter, the sales staff will be more likely to sweeten the deal. Even if they tell you they can’t lower the price, you can at least ask for a little extra, such as waiving off the sales tax or giving you free delivery. 

Shopping For Quality Furniture Should Not Drain Your Wallet

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