4 Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

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4 Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

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From picking the right Orange County mattress that gets your little one excited for sleep to exploring imaginative ideas for furniture and storage, designing a child’s room is no easy feat.

Kids’ needs, tastes, hobbies, and interests can change in a span of a few months or even weeks. That’s why parents need to focus on forward-thinking design choices to achieve a room that stays practical and stylish as the child grows.

Smart Ideas To Create The Bedroom of Your Child’s Dreams

Creating a unique and special space for your child need not be frustrating and overwhelming. Make it fun by involving your kid in the whole process! What better way to spend quality time with the kiddos than to find inspiration together and discover the endless possibilities when it comes to colors and themes. 

Keep reading to get wonderful ideas that will help you create a one-of-a-kind bedroom space that you and your child will cherish for years to come.

A Bed That Gives Your Kid Room To Grow

If you’re looking for a bed that has more than enough space and can last for longer, then a classic twin bed is a smart choice. Look for ways to utilize the big space underneath your child’s twin bed;  adding a lower trundle bed or storage drawers are great options.

Want to make the best use of the vertical spaces in your child’s bedroom? Loft beds give the freedom and flexibility that will help your child mature.

Let you and your kid’s imaginations run wild as you turn that loft bed into a lovely dollhouse, an adventurous treehouse, or even a playground so your child will wake up feeling happy and energized.

Plus, you can use the space under the loft bed for anything that you and your child would like to have in the room: a desk for reading and writing, a TV or audiovisual set up for entertainment, toy storage, and more.

No need to fret if you’re unsure about what size of the bed is best for your child. Take your time to compare and contrast a wide array of bed sizes to help you decide on the best fit. While you’re at it, find the best mattress that’s compatible with your child’s bed and will give the little one the good night’s sleep that he or she needs.

Slumber N Serenity has the right kid-friendly Orange County mattress that will provide maximum comfort and support for your child come bedtime. From memory foam styles to innerspring, latex, and more, we’ll help you choose the right materials for kids’ mattresses that can keep up with your child’s growth.

Furniture That Does Double-Duty

Invest in quality furniture items that can last for at least five years and will serve as multifunctional pieces. Storage should always be top of mind so you and your child won’t have trouble cleaning up clutter after a great day of fun and play.

Go for functional and stylish furniture that makes for exciting visuals. How about styling adjustable shelving that can be color-coded for your kid’s books, toys, clothes, school supplies, art materials, and more?

Colorful storage baskets are must-haves for any kid’s room. These movable, convenient pieces let you style your child’s room with ease while also helping you keep toys, books, and other items off the floor in an instant.

At Slumber N Serenity, you’ll have a great selection of discount furniture in Orange County that will take the beauty and functionality of your child’s bedroom to new heights.

Whether you need drawers and dressers, modular furniture, or a mix of open and closed storage, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you with furniture that will match your budget, preferences, and your child’s lifestyle.

Playing With Colors, Themes, Patterns, Art

Classics and neutrals—white, beige, grays, and taupes—are your go-to’s for creating a soothing kid-friendly space. It’s easy to build off of neutrals and mix it with calming primary and pastel colors that include shades of blue, green, pink, and lavender.

Don’t be afraid to go for lighter colors like yellow and orange. Just remember that too many bright and bold hues and high-contrast palettes may leave your child too stimulated or energized for sleep.

Try to dress up the bedding with different patterns and themes for visual interest. Pairing all-white sheets and blankets with a few vibrant throw pillows and a tasseled throw blanket also do the trick.

And how about using the walls and ceilings to make a statement? If you want to keep it simple and minimal but want to add a dramatic and playful touch, then a pattern on a wall that ties the room together will work.

Encourage your child’s creativity by setting aside some wall space that allows the little one to show off his or her unique interests, hobbies, and more. Be it a lovely gallery wall filled with precious memories, a showcase of the child’s colorful paintings, or amazing wall art, let your child’s bedroom reflect who they are and what they love.

Cozy Hideouts

Creating a night-time reading fort or just carving out a space where your child can relax and be themselves adds that perfect whimsical touch to make your kids feel cozier than ever.

Let your kids indulge in large stuffed toys, soft blankets, cushions, rugs, and body pillows to achieve that cozy atmosphere that they will not tire of craving. Add a little greenery to bring nature in for some relaxing and refreshing vibes.

Craft The Perfect Bedroom Today

Can’t wait to turn your child’s bedroom into the space of his or her dreams? Start with timeless and top-notch mattresses and bedroom furniture from Slumber N Serenity. Our team is passionate about helping parents make the most out of every inch of their kids’ bedroom spaces.

We’ll guide you every step of the way so you’ll get closer to achieving a beautiful, stylish, and ultra-functional bedroom that fits your budget and makes your child beam with joy. Check out our website or reach out to us at (714) 864-0531 so we can start working on your ideas!

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