8 Modern Bedroom Ideas

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8 Modern Bedroom Ideas


Modern design has a timeless elegance to it, and it has remained popular in interior design for decades. The clean lines and open spaces in a modern bedroom can help you relax at the end of a long day.

Here are some ideas to get you started with your own modern bedroom design.

Contemporary vs. Modern Design

In everyday conversation, the words “modern” and “contemporary” are both used to talk about things that have happened recently. In design, however, these two words have distinct meanings. Contemporary style is current, and changes constantly to reflect trends as they come and go. Modern design refers to a period of time in design, including interior design.

Modern design is a style that was created during the 20th century, from the 1900s to around 1950. It was heavily influenced by Scandinavian design. Some of the hallmarks of modern decor are clean lines, neutral colors, and wood.

Unlike contemporary design, modern decor doesn’t evolve over the years. However, the look is classic, especially for a bedroom. You can easily find options for a modern bedroom interior at your favorite furniture store Orange County location.

Form Follows Function

As you look for inspiration for modern bedroom design, you can take inspiration from the principles used by modern designers.

“Form follows function” is a phrase coined by famous Chicago architect Louis Sullivan, who was known for his skyscrapers and as a mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s used as a guide for designers and architects who want to create a streamlined, modern look. This line of thinking emphasizes usefulness over the ornate, bold styles that were popular in previous years.

Modern room designs have a simple and uncluttered look, which is perfect for creating an inviting bedroom interior. Modern decorating also stays relevant in a house for much longer than other trends. If you focus on creating a functional space, a modern bedroom interior will follow.

1. A Modern Color Scheme

Modern bedroom design typically uses a neutral color scheme, often with plenty of earth tones. Most bedrooms move beyond stark black and white to incorporate shades of brown, tan, and off-white, which can make a master bedroom feel more inviting.

Shades of green, blue, and yellow can also make their way into modern color palette, especially in muted forms like moss green or a soft yellow. These shades are great as accents or small pieces of furniture. When it comes to walls and the ceiling, try sticking to neutrals like white and beige. Black walls can work, but they can be overwhelming in a master bedroom.

A relaxing color scheme will guarantee sweet dreams, so take your time.

2. Natural Materials

Natural materials are an excellent way to add a modern touch to your room. These materials tend to have more texture than uniform, man-made items. For example, wood grain adds visual interest without taking up a lot of space, and wood is a very functional material. A modern bedroom can include wood wall panels and furniture.

A sheepskin rug adds a fuzzy texture, but it still has a neutral color with natural variations. Wicker is another popular material in modern interior design. It’s lightweight and often comes in a neutral tan color that fits in with any color scheme.

These natural elements bring more visual interest to your room, and they look great in modern bedroom designs.

3. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are a hallmark of modern style, and they’re easy to incorporate into any modern bedroom designs. They add a nice punch of modern style to your interior design for a modern master bedroom.

Smaller pieces of furniture and accessories are the perfect pieces for adding a pattern without overwhelming a modern master bedroom. Printed table lamps and other accessories help set a mood. Throw pillows and decorative blankets on the bed are also a good place to start.

4. The Scandinavian Feel

Scandinavian decor is known for its simplicity and airiness, making it an effortlessly stylish option for your modern master bedroom. If you want to capture the Scandinavian feel, it’s best to start with white walls. A simple palette of light colors around the bedroom will help you achieve a clean, relaxing look.

When you’re keeping things streamlined, light fixtures can serve as a decorative feature, even as they fulfill a practical need. Pendant lights are a decorative choice. Glass pendants are the perfect choice, but pendant lights with a metal frame can also fit the theme.

This style of decorating will leave you with a serene retreat from the rest of the world. The simple style makes it a great choice for a small bedroom, too, because it fits in a limited space.

5. Accent Colors

Even in a streamlined modern bedroom design, you can make room for a few pops of color. This is one way you can make room for your personal style to shine through while you are decorating.

Bright colors make a wonderful focal point in a master bedroom. A pop or two of vibrant shades like red, orange, or blue brings some personality to any room. In a modern bedroom interior, plush bedding is a great choice for a focal point. You can even have a rotation of different colors for different moods.

You can also try a large area rug to bring in bold colors without dominating the room. An upholstered bed headboard makes a powerful statement, and there are plenty of options at furniture stores.

For a more permanent pop of color, you can try an accent wall with a bold hue of paint. An accent wall can also feature art, whether you include a wall of framed art pieces or one large piece of artwork. The en suite bathroom is another good place for adding accent colors.

6. Open Space

One of the easiest ways to create a modern feel in a room is to keep the room simple and avoid adding too much bulky furniture. This is especially important in a small room, where each piece of furniture makes more of an impact and the bed takes up space.

If you want a room to have an open feel with lots of space, you can shift the focus to the architectural elements in the room, like a tray ceiling. Large windows, wall colors, and light fixtures all stand out more when you have less furniture and decorations. Natural light has more impact in an open master bedroom.

When your modern bedroom design is centered around open space, it’s important to take your time choosing the right pieces from your favorite furniture store Orange County. That way, you can sleep in an uncluttered room.

7. Minimalist Decor

Many modern bedroom designs incorporate minimalism. A minimalist style is elegant and leaves you free to enjoy your bedroom without fussy decorations and clutter. The overall effect of a minimalist bedroom is a clean, sleek look.

Straight lines are an integral part of minimalist interior design, and they keep things looking simple. A bed frame and headboard with a simple silhouette goes a long way toward a minimalist bedroom. You can keep those lines by avoiding showy items and things like table lamps that will break up the lines and ruin the look.

Matching nightstands and other furniture create a cohesive look across the room, which works in a minimalist bedroom.

8. Smooth Surfaces

Why not add a bit of polish to your bedroom decor? A shiny, smooth surface fits perfectly into a modern master bedroom. It can reflect light and make the bedroom appear to have more space, which is ideal in a master bedroom.

Try lacquered furniture like bedside tables and dressers. A large mirror or chrome accessory on the wall adds a silvery, reflective feature. A glass table is another option to bring some glamor to a modern master bedroom.

The Bedroom Interior of Your Dreams

The sky is the limit when it comes to bedroom design, but aiming for a modern look can be a great way to revamp your space and make it feel brand-new again.

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