9 Tips to Making the Most of Small Bedrooms

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9 Tips to Making the Most of Small Bedrooms

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Planning a small bedroom need not be challenging and frustrating. More often than not, all you need to do is find a trusted furniture store in Orange County with clever storage solutions to turn your tiny dwelling into a dreamy retreat.

Great Small Bedroom Ideas To Make Your Space Stand Out

But before you get excited about buying your interior decor items or working with a designer, you must put a lot of thought into how you can make the most out of your modest bedroom space. Let’s take a look into the things you need to consider so you can find inspiration for design and get ahead with maximizing your small space.

How do I arrange my small bedroom?

Consider how you want the room to function and don’t be afraid to get creative with your bedroom furniture arrangements. Figure out the best way to put the right pieces in the right places so the elements can work together to create a comfortable, more intimate vibe. 

Decluttering is the first step to organizing a small bedroom. Think like a minimalist, only include the essentials, and put away everything that is out of place. See to it that there is enough space for smooth movement within the room and keep the small bedroom layout open. 

Size down bedroom furniture and choose those that are stylish and can do double duty. A chic dresser, for example, can be used both as your nightstand and as storage for clothes. 

Think of how the space will be used.

When arranging a small bedroom, it is important to think of how the space will be used. Consider what activities you will be doing in the room and plan accordingly. If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, opt for cozy furniture pieces like an armchair or chaise lounge. If you need a workspace, choose a desk that can double as storage and make sure there is enough.

Choose a Bedroom Focal Point

Choose a focal point in your small bedroom and make it the center of attention. This could be a bed, window, or even an accent wall. Once you have chosen the focal point, arrange the furniture around it to create a sense of balance and harmony.

Which color is best for small bedrooms?

Choosing the right paint colors can dramatically alter the look and feel of a small bedroom. The amount of natural light coming into the room is key when selecting a color palette for your space.

Neutrals and light tones are great choices for small spaces. Understated grays and blues have a calming effect while also creating the illusion of a larger room, making them perfect for a master/guest bedroom.

If you prefer darker hues such as black or navy blue, don’t feel the need to lighten up when it comes to decorating. A dark accent wall can add impact and interest, while soft throw pillows and accessories will help keep the effect inviting and relaxed.

Small bedroom ideas

Here are great small bedroom ideas to help you breathe new life into your compact space without skimping on style and functionality. 

Build storage around the bed

 Building shelving around your bed is a great small bedroom design idea if you’re after an optimal storage solution. Sleek, contemporary built-in storage units around your bed, and even around the window or the door, will create a cozy sleeping nook and effectively prevent you from cluttering the space.

Built-in bedroom storage and shelving also work wonders if your small bedroom or studio apartment has an awkward shape. For example, you can have the shelving double as a bedside table that allows you to save plenty of space and optimize storage in style. 

Reflect on surface choices

A classic trick that works every time? Creating the illusion of space with mirrors. Mirrors on the walls, mirrored cabinet doors, and glass table tops are incredibly useful because they enlarge even the smallest bedrooms. 

An antique glass will not only make your small bedroom look bigger but will also boost the elegance of your interior decor. Mirrors also reflect both natural light and artificial light and give your room a more open feel. You can also try to place a mirror near a window to reflect the outside view and trick the eye into thinking that the size of the floor space is bigger than it actually is.

Elevate storage off the floor

Among the most effective small bedroom ideas is to maximize floor space by keeping items off the ground. Think vertical and use the walls right up to the ceiling for more bedroom storage. This way, you won’t have to worry about excess clutter on the floor space. Plus, these space savers also work to draw the eye upwards and make your small bedroom seem larger. 

You might not have plenty of floor space, but you can always use the space more efficiently by mounting shelves on your walls. Just make sure that the colors of your walls complement the whole bedroom and that everything on the shelves — picture frames, books, clothes, and toys — are all organized. 

Use uplifting colors to open up surface space of your small bedroom

Using lighter, softer paint on your walls will open up your small bedroom space and make your small bedroom brighter. White is a go-to color for a small bedroom because it never goes out of style, but you can also play with other neutral and pastel colors like beige, pink, azure, and yellow.

Lighter, uplifting colors will not only energize a small bedroom space but will also improve your mood and reinforce calm, relaxing vibes. You’ll be able to sleep in a small bedroom that is serene and snug. 

Swap the bed for a sofa bed 

Every inch counts when you’re dealing with a small bedroom. Sofa beds are genius space-saving small bedroom ideas because they’re both cozy and functional in any position. You can also go for a sofa bed with plenty of built-in storage space underneath that you can use as storage cabinets for your clothes, cushions, blankets, and other things. 

If you’re not a fan of sofa beds then you can take it to the next level and go for bunk beds. Bunk beds are also excellent space-saving small bedroom ideas because they make rooms more comfortable, functional, and spacious. 

Hang a space-saving headboard

Customizing a headboard to use for storage space is among the most clever small bedroom design ideas. Think out of the box to make sure that your small bedroom becomes a statement bed and everything you want it to be. Maximize the small space behind your bed by using a headboard that also works well as a bedside table, closet space, and bookcase.

While you’re at it, why not up the ante on your bed frame as well?  A nicely designed bed frame with ample storage will meet your style and fashion needs. 

Pick a theme for your small space

One of the easiest small bedroom design ideas is to keep the design scheme simple and straightforward. Sticking to a simple color palette will help create the illusion of larger rooms because there are no contrasts that make the space feel constricting. Browse YouTube videos or commission a designer to get inspiration and designs for small bedroom ideas that will work for your sleeping space.

Keeping it minimal doesn’t mean you can’t make your small bedroom stand out with character and elegance. Whether you’re going for a sultry and sensuous sleeping place or want to add vintage, rustic touches, keep in mind the ways you can make smart use of the space and keep furnishings scaled to the rooms.

Look to use symmetry in your small bedroom

Symmetry is a given when you’re talking about excellent small bedroom ideas. With a symmetrical decor setup, you’ll be able to balance the layout and design and make the master bedroom appear neat and organized. It will trick the eye into thinking that your small space is big through ease of eye movement from one side to the other. 

Use multifunctional furniture

Modular, reconfigurable furniture works best for a studio apartment and small bedroom spaces. Multi-functional furniture enables you to maximize storage and play to your small bedroom’s assets. 

There are so many options to choose from — a bookshelf and floor lamp all in one, stackable shoe racks that also fit clothing and toiletries, a coffee table that doubles as a storage unit and writing desk, a trundle bed with ample storage for your master bedroom, and more. Make sure that you get the decor pieces you need by buying wisely, not more. 

Relax In the Sleeping Area of Your Dreams

Excited to furnish your space-limited place in the most optimal way? Slumber N Serenity has got you covered with the perfect interior decor items and easy furniture and storage solutions to solve all your small bedroom space woes. Let us help you with small bedroom ideas that are sure to stand the test of time.

Feel free to reach out today at 714-864-0531 and we’ll be happy to take you through our strong line of multifunctional furniture for small bedrooms. Whatever bed designs and ideas you have in mind, we’re here to help. Visit us at Slumber N Serenity today.

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