6 Mattress Care Tips for Healthier, Deeper Sleep

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6 Mattress Care Tips for Healthier, Deeper Sleep

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The better you care for your bed and mattress, the easier it becomes to enjoy deeper, healthier and more refreshing sleep.

From cleaning your mattress to rotating it every few weeks to reduce wear on certain areas, a few simple techniques and tactics can help you keep your mattress in great condition for longer and extend its lifespan.

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of customers get the most from their new mattresses from our Orange County discount mattress business. Below, we’ve shared six simple mattress care tips that you can implement today for deeper, better and more comfortable sleep.

Vacuum your mattress regularly to eliminate dust and odors

Just like it’s important to clean your bed sheets and pillowcases every week, it’s vitally important that you clean your mattress regularly.

Over time, dust can collect on your mattress, causing skin irritation and breathing problems if it isn’t cleaned away. By vacuuming your mattress every week or two, you’ll remove nasty dust to create a healthier, more comfortable sleeping environment

Clean away stains, but avoid using too much water

Most mattresses are made of thick, dense foam, meaning they can become damaged from an excessive amount of water. This makes it important to be careful not to use too much water to deal with stains and spills that affect your mattress.

If your mattress has a visible stain, act as fast as possible and use the small amount of liquid cleaner as possible to eliminate the stain without damaging the foam inside the mattress.

Avoid bending your mattress, especially while moving it

Mattresses are designed to stay flat and can damage easily if bent. While a small amount of bending is unlikely to cause serious damage to your mattress, serious bending (like when you need to fit the mattress through a narrow doorway) could damage the internal foam padding.

If you need to transport your mattress, make sure you can keep it straight and flat while you carry it from one room to another. Worried about doorways? Measure them ahead of time to make sure your mattress fits through comfortably without any bending, twisting or warping.

Add a mattress pad to prevent stains from developing

Want to keep your mattress looking pristine for as long as possible? Instead of sleeping directly on top of the mattress with only an under sheet, add a mattress pad to create an extra layer and reduce the risk of nasty stains.

Not only do mattress pads reduce the risk of spills leading to permanent stains on your mattress — they’re also great for improving comfort and helping you get a better night’s sleep.

Young children? Make sure they don’t use your mattress as a trampoline

The softer and springier your mattress is, the more fun it can be as a trampoline replacement for young children. While bouncing up and down on a mattress can seem harmless, the impact can eventually cause your mattress to wear out and lose its level of support.

If you have young children, make sure they know that jumping up and down on your mattress is out of bounds. Even occasional jumping can wear out the foam inside your mattress and create spots with inadequate support for your body weight.

Rotate your mattress every two to four weeks

Finally, it’s best to rotate your mattress every two to four weeks. While this isn’t as essential as it once was due to the higher quality, denser materials used in modern mattresses, it’s a great way to prevent wear on specific areas due to your sleeping position.

After the first three months of usage, you can switch to rotating your mattress every two to three months to preserve its comfort and prevent uneven wear. It’s best to do this while you wash your sheets and pillowcases to save time and simplify your mattress care routine.

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