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Quality Mattress Selection & Discount Furniture

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Buying the best mattress and furniture for your house is a challenging task owing to the many brands as well as stores available, which makes it difficult to choose where to find the best quality furniture. The quality of furniture and mattress that you get from any store dictate how soon you will need to buy another one. If you are looking for the best deals on furniture and mattress, then look no further. Slumber n Serenity has the best selection of furniture sets you will find compared to any other furniture store in Anaheim.

, Quality Mattress Selection & Discount Furniture

Here are the different types of furniture you will find at our Orange County discount furniture shop:

Bedroom furniture sets

The state of your bedroom in terms of its organization influences your sleeping habits. Most people with stress can have their situation worse by having a cluttered bedroom. If you can organize your bedroom in such a way that there is a section for dressing, a place to keep your valuables, and a strong bed frame to support your mattress; you create the right atmosphere for a great night’s sleep. However, you need to have the ideal bedroom furniture set to achieve this objective. Slumber n Serenity provides many complete bedroom furniture sets to choose from that feature one or two nightstands, a mirror, a dresser, and a bed frame. All of these products are of high quality and will give you value for your money since they will serve you for a long time.

Dining room sets

A great dining room is defined by the quality of furniture in it. As a homeowner, you want a dining room that can accommodate all family members as well as visitors and friends. Such a room should have a large table and enough seats. Slumber n Serenity has a dining room set of furniture that features a different design of seats and tables. For example, you can choose a set comprising of four seats and a square table with an executive finish or a set of four seats, a long form preferably for kids, and a long, rectangular table. There are also settings that feature a round-top dining table. Irrespective of your taste and preference, you are assured of getting a set for your dining that will blow your mind!


One of the things that visitors to your house notice is the type and quality of your sofas. Today, new designs and models of sofas are available and you have no reason to stick to your old sofa sets especially when you have a reputable source of the finest quality of sofas at Slumber n Serenity. Here, you get to choose the sofa set design that interests you. Whether you are a lover of recliner sofas, leather sofas, or synthetic ones, you will find something that matches your interests.


Are you searching for high-quality mattress set that can stand the test of time? Then you need to find a reputable dealer in durable mattresses. Slumber n Serenity is one of the best mattress stores Anaheim as it has mattresses made of strong material to enhance their durability. In addition, the mattresses are better in quality, supportive and more comfortable. Slumber n Serenity has maintained a fruitful work relationship with manufacturers, the thing that has helped in the provision of mattresses of high-density forms, and which conform to diverse environmental and health conditions.

Only a few Orange County mattress stores can offer you such diverse options. Whatever type of mattress you will get from here is designed to cater for a very specific sleep need. You can choose from a wide variety of mattresses including orthopedic mattresses, plush top, pillow top, memory, latex foam, hybrid, bamboo, firm and soft, King, Queen, Twin, and Twin long among other sets.

Stores offering high-quality furniture and mattresses are hard to find nowadays since the majority of them are focusing on reducing the cost of production by producing low-quality products in order to make high profits. Slumber n Serenity Orange County discount furniture store understands what selling quality products to its customers are all about; that is why it has remained relevant for its high-quality furniture sets and mattresses.


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