Hybrid Vs. Pillow Top: Where to Find Best Deals on Discount Queen Size Mattresses?

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Hybrid Vs. Pillow Top: Where to Find Best Deals on Discount Queen Size Mattresses?

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A mattress is like a second skin that provides benefits to an individual with its cozy and soft fabric.  Its cushioned layer provides comfort and rest from musculoskeletal disorders. You can find discount mattresses in different sizes, thicknesses, firmness, material, etc.

Are you looking for the right mattress, but don’t know how to choose between a hybrid Vs. pillow top mattress. This article will show you how to choose a mattress that works best for you.

Hybrid Mattress

This type brings together a foam and pocket hybrid spring with an open coil under the base unit. It offers superior comfort, stabilization, and support when compared to the regular innerspring mattress.

The spring system in the hybrid offers more surface contact. This, together with a genuine layer of soft memory foam, creates a superior feeling of soft to a medium mattress. The pocket springs provide a firmer feel as the tension rises and the springs are compressed.

It conforms to your shape, providing you with a true sleep experience—meaning that it can cope with heavier weights and standard bed sizes better than the competitors’ mattresses as well as a healthy amount of bounce. 


  • It is of great value.
  • It is breathable, so it doesn’t get hot and sweaty.
  • It is firm, so it doesn’t sink when you sleep.
  • It is hypoallergenic.
  • It provides great edge support.
  • It is designed to conform to your body and provide pressure relief.


  • Hybrid mattresses tend to be more expensive than their full foam and innerspring counterparts.
  • Hybrid mattresses can be bulky and heavy.

Pillow Top

A pillow top mattress is a type of mattress that has a soft bedding surface wrapped around a hard-surface support base. These kinds of mattresses vary widely in density. In general, the higher the density rating, the firmer the surface will feel.

Softness and firmness are a matter of personal preference. It features a soft surface quilted over the mattress for added comfort. The layers underneath can be various foam densities, foams with gel or latex, cotton, cashmere, wool, and even feathers.


  • It is designed so that it cushions your whole body, including your head, neck, and shoulders. The Pillow Top Mattress is sewn into different sections, each section a different firmness.
  • It comes in a variety of styles. The mattress may have a quilted or tufted design.
  • It helps eliminate back pain. 
  • It helps eliminate tossing and turning.
  • It conforms to the curves of your body to provide pressure relief.
  • Its seams are sealed, and it is difficult to become infected by bed bugs or other insects.


  • It is much softer than a regular mattress and thus more prone to sagging.

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