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“What a wonderful experience not being pressured into buying something I didn’t want or could not afford. Vince and Stacy got me a great deal on a latex mattress and adjustable power bed. My wife and I love it and have trouble leaving our new bed each morning. Their discount was better than any other mattress and furniture store in Orange County. Going to refer friends.”

~Matt H. from Yorba Linda CA

“The only “discount” thing about this place are the prices.  Vince and Stacy are both very knowledgeable and will help guide you to exactly what you’re looking for, they are serious about making sure you get the mattress that best suits your individual needs. Be prepared though, they offer much more than mattresses and it’s easy to get carried away! Worth the stop, you won’t be disappointed, I most definitely wasn’t. Neither were either of my boys.”

~Stacy R. from Yorba Linda CA

“Amazing Prices and Service! Like other bargain shoppers,I pride myself in always getting the best deal. In this case; I actually shopped around and scoured the entire South land for the BEST deal on a mattress. The prices here are unbeatable. Vince was also very kind and super patient. Even though I called multiple times with multiple questions. He even followed up a couple days after the sale to see how everything worked out. Wow! I’ve been in Sales and Customer Service all my life and I have to say I am very impressed. I’m so glad we waited and found you guys! Thank again Vince and Stacy”

~John R.. from Huntington Beach, CA

“I’m new to this, so I really like to share my experience with you about this wonderful young couple I bought from so everyone else can know.  I play bridge often, with a group of my close friends.  We spend lot’s of time talking about the old days and how much fun we had galavanting around.  Anyhoo, I needed a new mattress, mine was at least 25 years old, maybe older and it was sinking in the middle.  It was hard for me to get out of bed because I’d be stuck in the big hole in the bed every morning.  Gloria, I’ve known her for at least 30 years, she told me she had found a discount store in Orange County and that they sold some very nice mattresses and furniture at a cheap price.  That being said, with me on Social Security, with a small income, I thought to myself this is the place for me.”

“Since I can’t drive on the freeway anymore, I have trouble seeing the signs, Gloria and Judith told me they’d take me there.  The three of us went the next morning.  The girl Stacey knew we were going to be there by 10am, and we got lost and were a little later than we thought.  But they were very understanding, we called them 10 times asking for directions.  Low and behold we were right accross the street from them, and a nice young man made his way running accross the intersection to our car and helped us to their store.  It was a smaller store, but very well decorated and clean.  I spent about an hour trying the different mattresses, and the young man helped me from mattress to mattress.  He was polite and helpful.  I found the a good supportive mattress, oh so comfortable and the young man loaded it in a truck while I was paying and followed us home.  I didn’t know how he was going to get it in around some of the clutter I have in my home, but he did, and he made it look easy.  I only paid much less than what I thought I’d have to, and they wouldn’t take any more money to bring it to me.  When I tried to tip the young man because of the discount they game me, he thanked me and told me to keep it for my next bridge game.

Such a wonderful store and good company there.”

~Maria D. ffrom Laguna Beach

“Love the mattress I’m so happy with Vince and he’s wife super good customer service I truly recommend this place affordable…..”

~Walter S. from Anaheim, CA

“Just like all 20 other reviews conclude. This place has the best customer service you’ll receive from any place PERIOD. The prices can’t be beaten, I’ve tried over 6 other places in the area and couldn’t find the prices Stacy and Vince have. Not only the price was beat, the quality is there. Top notch mattresses at an incredibly low price! I’d recommend them over any company to anyone.”

~Harley S. from Baton Rouge, LA

“I pride myself in finding the best deals and this store did not disappoint. Let me start of by saying I went to several small discount mattress and furniture stores in Orange and LA county, as well as, the large chain stores and most of them were priced around the same for a queen size mattress and box spring. I stumbled on an ad placed by Slumber n Serenity Mattress, stopped by the store, and walked out with two mattress sets for the price I would’ve paid for one. I was so impressed with their prices I asked if they sold other furnishings and Vince said they can get anything you need for your home. Couches, dining room sets, bedroom sets, etc. The level of service I received, the price I paid, and quality of the mattresses I bought will bring me back to the store for all my furniture needs.”

~ Chris H. from La Habra, CA

“Slumber and Serenity mattress came and setup the mattress we ordered pain free and easily. Would recommend to anyone wanting a mattress delivered and set up without the pain of doing it yourself. This is the best discount mattress and furniture store I have ever shopped at or made a purchase from hands down.”

~ Jonathan R. from Newport Beach, CA

“Truly the sweetest, kind hearted people I’ve done business with. Moving out for the first time can be expensive and I’m so happy I found this place! Vince and Stacy made the entire process easy and I was able to buy my entire bedroom set in less than 15 minutes. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”

~ Ida S. from Carona, CA

“Amazing service and prices!! Visited a different store and then fortunately called Vince and he had a way better price, faster delivery and he was so honest and kind. Just a real gem. A great find. So thankful and blessed to have met him. Will definitely be purchasing all future mattress from them!”
~Sabrina C. from Brea, CA

“I am so loving my new bedroom set .. sleeping like a baby on the new mattress also resting well with the peace of mind from the great price !!!! they are so friendly and helpful .. delivered   my bed on time !!! and put together quick.. I will defiently be going back to them for my other furniture needs… Spring:)”

~Spring V. fron Anaheim, CA

“Stacy and Vince run a great business. I walked in and within a couple of minutes; I knew that this was the right place for good furniture advice, support and follow through. I had a lot of questions and it was nice to talk to experts for a change. I’ve visited many local stores in the OC and didn’t get the anything close to the same attention that I was given at their store.”

~Eric H. from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“I purchased a mattress, bedroom set and couches from stacy and vince at slumber and serenity. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase and the outstanding service they provide. This is definitely a go to place and im so glad i was recommended to them. I will now continually recommend anyone to this place. Thank you so much!!”

~Clarissa M. from Fullerton, CA

“Vince is knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He answered all of our questions with enthusiasm. Their prices are unbeatable! Trust me. We have been shopping around all day.”

~Jennie N. from Anaheim

“My husband and I came here to just look, and ended up buying a great set for our family, at really great price! Stacy and Vince are great, so helpful, and the nicest people. We will definitely come back, and recommend Stacy and Vince to anyone!”

~Rachel M. from Costa Mesa, CA

“I purchased an internet special on Groupon for a hotel collection memory foam mattress.  i was desperately in need of a new queen mattress, and I love memory foam as I seem to get the best sleep on it.

The entire process was made so simple.  Slumber N Serenity Mattress and Furniture shipped the Mattress all the way from California to New York, immediately provided tracking information, and the mattress arrived right on time.The best part is they already sell at a substantial discount, but with the groupon I was able to get the mattress including the shipping for under 400 bucks.  Seriously, where can you get a good quality hotel collection memory foam mattress at this price.I’m very happy with my new mattress and the service that was provided by this company.”

~Ed L. from Manhattan, NY

“You have no idea how happy we are with Vince and Stacy at Slumber n Serenity. These folks care about their customers and make sure that they are satisfied from the moment they walk in to after the sale. The prices are amazing for the quality of mattresses and their great service.

There is no reason to look anywhere else!”

~Chuck F. from Los Angeles, CA

“Great Prices, Great Staff, Great Furniture ! ! ! If you want quality furniture, that doesn’t fall apart, at an affordable price then you’ve found the right place. My wife and I looked around and found that most of the furniture we were finding was poorly made and very flimsy. After finding Slumber n Serenity we were pleasantly surprised, friendly staff with great furniture we could afford. Head on over I’m sure that Vince and his staff will meet all your needs.”

~Alex G. from San Diego

“I was traveling a few months back, and spent the night in a hotel where I literally got one of the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time.  I thought maybe I was just tired from travelling and that’s why I had slept so well.  The second night I slept even better than the first night.

When I returned home, I went back to my same old tossing and turning, and not really feeling rested in the morning.  I looked up the number for the hotel I stayed in, called and asked what brand of mattresses they had in their hotel.

They gave me a phone number for Slumber N Serenity, and told me to ask for their custom made hotel collection.

I called Slumber and spoke to Stacy, she was helpful and kind, quoted me the price, which by the way was way less than I was expecting to pay, and I placed my order.  She told me it would ship out the very next day.  She followed up via text with a tracking number, and my new mattress arrived the day she promised.  She even followed up after several weeks had passed to make sure everything was to my liking.  I love my mattress and this company is on their game, they truly are the real deal.”

~Mike T. from Indianapolis, IN

“I am so in love with my mattress that I don’t want to get out of bed lol. Best service and no pressure. Vince answered all my questions and made sure I had the right mattress for my comfort level. He also gave me a great price.  I will recommend to my friends and family!”

~LA from Irvine, CA


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